Altoona Ridge Lodge, Montana's Backcountry Adventure.

Backcounty Skiing, Randonnee, Mountain Bike and Hike the mountains of Western Montana from the front door of our beautiful lodge. A year round, scenic mountain getaway with all the amenities of home.. and none of the neighbors.


Leave it all behind in the Flint Creek Mountains of Montana. Off the grid, at 7600' above sea level, the Altoona Ridge Lodge is your Private Montana get-away, providing you the creature comforts of home, while you get-away from the concrete jungle.

Sitting at the end of a 10 mile dirt road, this is the perfect getaway from the pressures of every day society. You will find a solitude and style set in a backdrop of mountains found in few other places around the world. Relax into an afternoon of cloud watching from the deck while enjoying a glass of wine and snacks.



Ski, Hike, Eat, Relax

Summit the couch or summit the mountains.

Relax in the sauna or relax in the woods.
Sleep in, eat well, or be on the go all day.

Sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy the sunsets and 120 mile views from the deck, or hike to the top of the mountain for the 360 degree views of Western Montana.

Your Choice! Your Escape!



To create your dream trip to the Lodge, first, check the dates for availability.
 contact Denison by email.
You can also call or text Denison to book your trip 406.239.0048


The more adventurous may chose to roam the mountains, hiking in the summer, and Backcountry self-propelled skiing in the winter. At the end of the day the sauna in the Wild Rose Cabin awaits to let you unfold, rest your muscles, ease into the night. Dine in the Lupine Cabin with the sunset in front of you. After a night cap, retire to a private room with a queen bed in the comfort and warmth of the Bear Den.

Every trip to the Altoona Ridge Lodge is exclusive and private to that group.

The Lodge sits on 70 acres of private property, an “in-holding” in the boundless acres of Forest Service lands that surround it. You have exclusive access to tens of thousands of acres of Forest Service Land situated directly out the door. Endless mountains team with wildlife. Expansive mountain vistas cascade to the West across the smoky silhouettes of valleys and ridges for 120 miles in all directions. The property twists across the ridge line, the Lodge is built just below it, creating the sensation of hanging in the air with the world at your feet. Let your worries or cares float away in the winds.

The property has been improved to offer the most enjoyment to guests. From the kitchen, to the bed rooms, to the sauna, everything has been thought out to provide the most enjoyment for your stay. The Altoona Ridge Lodge is an intimate setting for groups of up to 6 people.

The variety of wildlife that can be found in the Flint Creek Mountains, (Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Moose, Mountain Lions, Eagles, Osprey, Grouse, Canadian Geese, ducks, many song birds – the elusive Montana Bluebird is one of them, Wolves, Coyotes, Black Bear, and some even say that there are Grizzlies) offers an abundant opportunity for hunters, photographers, and wildlife viewers alike.

From high mountain lakes to creeks to rivers the diversity of fishing habitat found within driving distance of the Lodge offers anglers many challenges. The best know is Rock Creek, the only Blue Ribbon fishing in Montana, and West of the Divide. Montana has many species fish, ranging from the Trout -Rainbow, Brook, Cutthroat, Brown and Bull, to Northern Pike, Whitefish, Salmon, and Carpe.


The Altoona Ridge Lodge is located in the heart of the Flint Creek Range, in Granite County, Montana, an area steeped in the history of the mining and timber industries, and abundant in local folklore. The Lodge lies about 10 miles to the North of Philipsburg, outside the community of Maxville. The Anaconda-Pintler region and the Wilderness of the same name, boast a plenitude of amenities and recreational opportunities. Some of the points of geographic interest are Georgetown Lake, Discovery Ski Area, and Rock Creek - the only Blue Ribbon fishing in Montana, and West of the Divide, are all within driving range of the Lodge.

Situated 10 miles off of Montana Scenic Hwy 1 south of the I-90 Drummond exit, access to the Lodge is effortless; Missoula is a short 2 hour drive away.

Air service is available from both Butte and Missoula. Missoula International Airport (MSO) a 75 mile, 2 hour drive away to the West. Butte Bert Mooney Airport(BTM), to the East 75 miles is a 2½ hour drive. These airports offer flights by Delta/Northwest, United, Horizon and Allegiance Airlines. These airlines offer flights to Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles to name a few.

Riddick Field in Philipsburg offers a 3,600 foot paved airfield for private aircraft.


Sitting at 8000’, the Altoona Ridge Lodge has a relatively temperate climate. 

Summer temperatures can reach into the 90’s, the nights are cool. There can be amazing thunderstorms. On average the weather is dry and very comfortable.

Winter temperatures can dip well below zero, usually they average in the teens at night and low 30’s during the day time. Our snowfall can start as early as October and runs through June. The largest dumps come in the late winter months, March through early May.


Altoona, a variant of “Altona”, is the name of seven municipalities in the United States of America. The most commonly know is Altoona, PA., the most populous and renowned city with this name. Altoona Ridge Lodge derives its name from the lakes which are situated in the valley behind it, and the name given to the mining claim it is built on.

The word Altoona is a derivative of the Latin word altus, meaning “high”, and also from the French word alto. The popular explanation derives the name of Altoona from Allatoona, said to be a Cherokee Indian name. One of the founders of Altoona, who was responsible for naming of the town, spent considerable time in the Cherokee country of Georgia, where he had been especially attracted by the beautiful name of Allatoona. He believed that it was a Cherokee word meaning “the high lands of great worth”.

  • The Lodge is designed to accommodate parties of up to 6 people.
  • Choose between self guided or hosted trips.
  • We are a two hour drive from Missoula, Montana, and in the middle of the Flint Creek Mountains, in the Deer Lodge Forest.

To create your dream trip to the Lodge, first, check the dates for availability.
 contact Denison by email.
You can also call or text Denison to book your trip 406.239.0048

Let us make your next vacation an unbelievable escape!